Carlos Lisboa

To give you a sense of the history and foundation of my extensive technological background,  computers have been a part of my life since the release of the Commodore 64 in 1982. I developed my base understanding of computers and used my expanding knowledge to create and design fun games from raw code, line by line. Seeing the fruits of my labor live on the computer screen really grew my passion for computers and coding beginning at a young age and continuing throughout my adulthood.

As owner and operator, I have been formally creating and helping clients impliment their web, business, and personal ideas since 2008. In today’s market, business basics require the latest in technology and superior customer service for the demanding customer. We, at Web Design Logics, believe a successful business is a marriage of those ideals. Web Design Logics will assist you in putting those concepts together to create the optimal environment to grow and maintain your successful business or personal ventures through website development, website design, e-commerce, blogs, and application development.

The growing need for web professionals that care about their product and client needs resulted in the creation of Web Design Logics.

Web Design Logics has a vast understanding of all aspects relating to computers. We work diligently to ensure that we stay current with the ever changing internet world, making sure to offer you the lastest the internet has to offer.

There is no task we cannot take, no goal we cannot achieve. We never promise something we cannot deliver!